Vadim Tarvid
Senior Operator of Ice-Cream Production Equipment

Vadim came to the company having left his full-time work in the hotel industry and started as a seasonal worker at ice-cream production. He took the risk because of his love for ice-cream and engineering work since childhood! Vadim was noticed at once as a responsible and smart employee; he was learning fast and stood out due to his big interest in the work. At present Vadim is a senior operator of the ice-cream production equipment, but to get this position he has contributed time and funds into his education and development.

Now: Senior Operator of Ice Cream Production Equipment in the Department Ice Cream manufacturer.

Education: Riga Technical University, profession: Engineer of computer-driven control systems for electrical technologies.

First job: February 2014, JSC "Riga Dairy Factory” – ice cream packer.

Hobbies: Sports, travel and Ice cream.

V.T. “I love ice-cream – during the day I can eat half a kilo of it! I love my work, though it is very hard at times, especially when the new ice-cream season starts, which for us starts much earlier than for customers! Many new employees come and they all have to be trained and motivated to do the work wholeheartedly – like we do. And it is always nice to go home after a good day at work! The company has evaluated my potential and offered to pay for my studies at Riga Technical University for the programme of computer-driven control systems for electrical technologies – this is big motivation for me and an opportunity to obtain education in the field I work. I appreciate it very much that the company offers development for its employees and I am one of those they are ready to invest in, and I am proud of this!”