Kristina Senka
Technologist in the Product Research and Development Department

Kristina is a great example of our young specialist group. She chose our company as a place for her practice during studies and, when the time came to select…, Kristina decided to accept our offer and enter the young specialist programme. 

In spite of the fact that, having started her work at Riga Dairy Plant, Kristina thought that she would not succeed, over a year has passed, she successfully fulfils her job duties, excellently performs her work tasks and learns a lot from her colleagues. The young graduate of the University of Agriculture has successfully passed the programme and has become a company employee.

Now: technician in the Department of research and development in the Department of production technology, research and product development.

Education: Latvian University of Agriculture, profession: Engineer of food and drinks.

First job: since March 2014, JSC "Riga dairy plant assistant technologist prior to that, he held educational practice here.

Hobbies: Cooking, sports, travel.

K.S.: “At first, I did not understand many things and was a little bit afraid, as everything was new to me. But now I am aware of all the processes required for the ready product to reach a shelf in a store. I learn every day, there is still a lot I need to master, but, at the same time, I have already received much knowledge and acquired a lot of skills; I greatly appreciate the opportunity to take part in different courses and training. I go to work feeling happy, because I am positively tuned, I like my work and my colleagues. I am inspired by the fact that I learn something new every day and, alongside the daily routine, there are new tasks and possibilities to show my worth. 

I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the Young Specialist programme. It is an excellent opportunity for undergraduates to be employed with no practical experience, receive training, feel what the rhythm of work is like and, in this way, understand whether you like such work.”