Weight 400 g
Fat level 82 %
Protein level /100g 0,5 g
Best before 105
Group package amount 8
Bar code 4750025891751
Group package bar code 4750025892895

Rasa Sweet cream butter, 82%

Rasa products, made from the best cream in Latvia, are created to retain nature’s purity.
Latvia is one of the greenest countries in the world. Rich with wide pastures and tender grass, it is a place where cows are truly happy. That is why the taste of Rasa products is so delicate and creamy. 

Rasa cheeses, yoghurts, and butter are made from the finest cream, combining traditional Nordic cuisine and modern dairy product technology. Authentic and fresh Rasa products are created to be part of healthy yet delicious meals. 

With Rasa everything tastes better!

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