Weight 150 g
Fat level 65 %
Protein level per 100 g 6,3 g
Best before 180
Group package amount 12
Bar code 4750025890631
Group package bar code 4750025890679

Limbažu Piens Whipped cream cheese classic

In 1922, Limbažu Piens Dairy was built in Limbaži, a small town in Latvia. A symbol of the old mill that was once on the site appeared on the Limbažu Piens logo. Originally, milk was separated manually here. But the factory developed and grew, and soon Limbažu Piens began exporting its products.

Now, Limbažu Piens embraces a traditional dairy product range with more than 90 years of history and a strong heritage. Limbažu Piens products ensure high quality and great taste, guaranteed by local craftsmen. 

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